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How did I go from zero student debt in my first degree to a 17K pit of debt in my second degree? Here are some tips I should have considered while studying the second time around.Five ways to avoid student debt: Some colleges and universities just cost more than others.

I spent my university years studying every subject I could enroll in, and loved most of what academia had to offer.The first time I headed off to school I was an impressionable teenager, fresh out of high school.I was clueless about the world of academia and the university experience.I was also clueless about money Yet, despite my lack of investment and money knowledge, I managed to graduate with my first degree without any student debt. What is more astounding is despite my early success in managing my student finances, I somehow racked-up 17K in student debt during my second degree.All holiday houses should have: 1st: a large plot, 2nd: a swimming pool, 3rd: sea views.And then there should be that little something that you can not explain, but which makes up the really relaxing holiday.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in post-secondary education.

I’ve studied arts, sciences, social sciences, languages, communications, business, math, engineering, and computer science.

Here we do have privacy, and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Set up a vacation at its finest in a comfortable holiday residence, exceptional, Mediterranean, air-conditioned, with large grounds, with swimming pool and sea views in beautiful surroundings.

Beach life, mountains, villages and towns, shopping and night life, everything is there for you and near.

To meet these ambitious expectations, we have joint with our Cretan partners and developed criteria by which we judge the homes before we offer them to you.

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