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It would mean that the whole burden is being left to Croatia.'Serbia's minister in charge, Aleksandar Vulin, said it too may try to stem the flow of people coming in from Macedonia at a rate of 5,000 a day.UN Ambassador Samantha Power's trip to Cameroon's front lines in the war against Boko Haram has started horrifically as an armoured Jeep in her motorcade struck and killed a young boy who darted on to the road.

Power said she learned of the death with "great sorrow".Croatian authorities later relented, clearing the log-jam.UNHCR spokesman Melita Sunjic described the migrants' situation as 'awful and hellish', saying: 'These people are out in the open, they cannot sleep on the ground because of knee-deep mud.It's like a big river of people, and if you stop the flow, you will have floods somewhere.That's what's happening now.' Hungary announced that closing its border with Croatia has been a great success in stopping migrants and refugees entering the country, but it has caused problems further down the Balkan route, forcing people towards the tiny EU nation of Slovenia But Croatian counterpart Ranko Ostojic told reporters: 'Slovenia first said it could receive up to 8,000 migrants (daily), then 5,000, then 2,500 and now it has been reduced to zero.She said she met the boy's family to "offer our profound condolences and our grief and heartbreak".

Power returned to the scene of the accident several hours later to meet the seven-year-old boy's mother and father, while residents of his village stood solemnly on a sandy expanse.

The motorcade was moving at speed, at times exceeding 96km/h, while villagers lined up along the sides of the road.

'Out of hand': Migrants crowd as they wait to cross into Croatia near the border village of Berkasovo, Serbia.

The Balkan route is becoming increasingly difficult for migrants as Hungary continues to close borders About 2,000 were left in a muddy no-man's land between countries after Croatia refused them entry and Serbia said they could not come back.

Temperatures have dipped as low as 3C after almost an inch of rain fell in the previous 24 hours.

Many of the people who were forced to stay there overnight had to sleep in the open with only plastic sheeting to protect them from the elements.

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