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Benedict - - 252 "Old Stone House" Papers of the Eighteenth Century --------- 38 Parkinson Family, The Somerset - Charles Arthur Floppin - 258 Paterson, Governor, Sermon on Death of, 1806 --- 257 Readington Church Baptisms from 1720 Rev. Van Doren Hotieyman - 1 Slaveholders' List in Somerset, Addi- tional ------ A. 31 Stockton, Richard, the Signer, The Wife of------------ 33 Sunday School, Early Somerset Coun- ty 265 Van Harlingen Homestead, The - Rev. Looking over your list of members to see if I could recognize any Scotch or Scotch-Irish surnames, I am pleased to find many, the exact counternames of which we have also in Somerset, with possibly two or three exceptions.

William Si Chimney Rock, View of i Derick Gulick House, near Harlingen ....... - - - - - - - 161 Vroom Homestead, South Branch, N. ------- 161 printed at the office of the unionist-gazette association somerville, new jersey , Contents LEADING ARTICLES. Pluckemin -.--_ Max Schrabisch - - 161 Bedminster Township Voters, 1797-1803 ------ 267 Bovlan Family, The Somerset - -A. 203 Mettler Family, Notes on the Early Enoch Mettler Davis - - 124 Middagh Family, The Somerset - - John Neafie ... For this reason it may be well to take a somewhat wider survey of the Scotch people of two and even three centuries ago, in their native home and in America, than the announced subject would indicate, so that we may realize better what Scotch ancestry really means. To do this I must go first to the sources abroad, speak of the Scotch as a race, and 1 An address delivered before the Monmouth County Historical Association at Red Bank, September 28, 19 16, and now published by request. 1 2 Somerset County Historical Quarterly state how there came to be such a large Scotch and Scotch-Irish ele- ment of population, not only in New Jersey but in the United States. For example, by the latest census I have been able to find, there were 32,000 Thompsons, 29,000 Wilsons, 21,000 Johnstons and Johnsons, 18,000 Patersons, 16,000 Clarkes, and so on. VAN DOREN HONEYMAN PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY PUBLICATION COMMITTEE: A. - 153 Forfeitures of Estates in Revolu- Somerset Genealogical Lines, tion ----- 308 Some Highly Honored Men Historical Pamphlet, Fine - - 154 in ----- 153 Indian Murder in 1871, Account of 152 Somerset Hills, Important Im- Marriage Records from 1848 to provements in - - - 75 1876 ----- 237 Somerset Mail in 1797 - - 313 Mc Donald, Samuel, Execution of 149 Washington's Personal Appear- "Middlebrook," War Poem on - 236 ance ----- 234 Millstone Parsonage, Lottery for Washington, Another Account of 235 1774 314 DEPARTMENT OF NOTES AND QUERIES, 79, i55 o q J M if « J_ o pa - -a c« si •a * J SOMERSET COUNTY HISTORICAL QUARTERLY Vol. These exact names are still to be found in Scotland and North Ireland ; some of them in Scotland in very great numbers.

Van Dorcn Honeyman - 216 Somerset Forty-Niner Went to Cali- fornia, How a------ - - - -- 28 Somerville Academy and the Raritan Reformed Church - Rev. Otis - 168 Wills, Early Recorded, in Somerset — From 1804 -------___. Wyckoff - - 49.128 HISTORICAL NOTES AND COMMENTS Bergen County, Date of Organi- "Peapack," Origin of Name - 76 zation - 237 Printing Plant Destroyed, Old Rrokaw, Rev. Isaac P., Death Time ----- 154 of ----- 75 Rutgers, Anniversary of - - 77 Building Destroyed, Historic - 308 Slaves, Two Bills of Sale - 311 Carriage Tax in 1813 - - 316 Somerset Again Represented in Copper- Mining Lease of 1756, Evi- U. Senate - - - 78 dent ----- 310 Somerset County Loses Its State Dutch "Van" and German "von," 78 Senator ... Such are the names of Adams, Atwood, Barbour, Brown, Cannon, Clarke, Cook, Cooper, Craw- ford, Dick, Foster, Hayes, Johnson, Jones, Kennedy, Lewis, Living- ston, Maxwell, Mc Gregor, Mc Mahon, Morrison, Morris, Osborn, Park- er, Parsons, Paterson, Reed, Richardson, Smith, Strong, Swan, Thomp- son, Valentine, Ward, White, Wilson and Young.

Van Dorcn Honey-man - 95,201 Somerset County Marriages — 1795-1879 (Letter L) - - 232.281 Somerset County Persons and Events, Memoranda Concerning - - - Andrew D. - 241 Somerset Families, Notes on Various Old (Vroom Families) - - A. Andrew Hansen - - 173 Van Nuys, Van Nest and Probasco Families, Early Ancestors of - Edward Kinsey Voorhees - 210 Wallace House, Objects of Interest in Miss Caroline J. I THE EARLY SCOTCH ELEMENT OF SOMERSET, MIDDLESEX AND MON- MOUTH COUNTIES 1 BY A. Whether all these are really representative of actual Scotch blood or not of course I do not know.

VI.— 1917 SOMERVILLE, NEW JERSEY SOMERSET COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY PUBLISHERS List of Illustrations Facing Page Boylan, Mr. Van Doren Honeyman - 38.81 Artillery Park, General Knox's. Wyckoff - - 262 Franklin Township Historical Notes Ralph Voorhecs - - - 23,85,184 Lamington Church Petitions of 1792 ------ 179 Lewis Family of Somerset, The - Howard S. Randolph - 118 Lowe (Low) Family, The Readington - Houston Lowe ...

Existing Records of Somer- set's Older ------ - -- - - 182 "Cobbler's Census," John Piatt's, 1765- 1772 ....-- John J. English of ----- - 47 Dutch Migrants from Somerset and Adjoining Counties, Early -------- 200 Elmendorf Family — New Jersey Branch ------ Rev. Raritan(Som- erville) Baptisms ---------- 71,224,284 Formats of Monmouth and Middlesex Counties - William F.

Many of these and other Scotch names are distinctly traceable there to the years from 1200- 1500.

Naturally the early Scotch settlers in the three central counties of New Jersey were not different from those in other parts of this country.

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