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I'm from Australia, and when we went there, after a couple of years, everyone I knew had one kid with a second on the way, and I said to Julie: 'What's going on? ' We'd been together three years when we started to talk seriously about it, and we talked about whether we wanted to adopt, or give birth, and if so, who should, and all of that.

Cade and Haile are five and a half years apart'Haile was born this year. Being a family of four is different from being three, and three is different from two.I'm happy with the two boys we have, but it's always nice to have more. It's more difficult with the baby and a 5-year-old, but we're always trying to stay settled and always traveling. They were both professional women'Thea was a clinical psychologist with a practice in New York; Edie spent much of her life as a computer systems consultant for IBM.This is only the second year Cade has lived in the same place since he was born, and this is the longest period of continuity for him. In 1975, Thea was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which advanced rapidly until she could no longer walk, though she continued practicing throughout her life.The couple married in Toronto in 2007, but Thea's death in 2009 resulted in a $350,000 penalty in estate taxes that would have been voided if their marriage had been recognized in the United States.It's infinitely more complicated and infinitely more wonderful.JULIE MEHRETU, ARTIST: After the first year we were together, I knew Jessica was the person I wanted to be with.

A few years into the relationship, we were traveling and came back, and Jessica was at a place where she wanted children, and I said, 'Yes, what else would we do at this stage? ' The minute you have a child you're a unit, and within the first year we started living together, it felt like a family.

Now we're four, and we're really a unit, but I can see having more.

JESSICA RANKIN, ARTIST: We met in 2000, in a bar -the old-fashioned way!

We met and had a wonderful summer together, and we were both insistent it wasn't serious, that we didn't want to rush into things, but it was really evident to those around us that what we had was something special.

I realized pretty quickly that it was for the rest of my life. It was after six months that we started to take it seriously -- something forever.

When you leave New York, you see that everyone is two steps ahead of you.

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