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Pau Gasol has consistently tried hard, coming from Spain.

While many believe that the Houston Rockets are the second party, such facts have not been confirmed as of yet.But there are those who speculate that the deal may consist of Gasol heading to Texas in exchange for Point Guard, Kyle Lowery, and Forward, Luis Scola, with potentially other compensations going in either direction.At this juncture, though, all news is nothing more then mere speculation.But, a deal such as that could be just enough to vault the Lakers back into contention as they would finally shore up the point guard position, while only downgrading slightly at Gasol’s four-spot. Roland Lazenby released an unconfirmed report that Lakers Forward, Pau Gasol, has been traded by the team today.Being that no official details of the trade have surfaced as of yet, this likely falls more accurately into the rumor department, but Lazenby’s tweet was phrased in the manner of completion, rather then speculation.

The writer states, “It seems we’ll soon be getting news that Gasol has been traded.

No details confirmed, but he’s apparently gone.” Yahoo has since refuted the rumor, claiming that it is nothing more then that.

But Lazenby is a fairly prominent source, and one who keeps his ear to the ground, so he may just be a little ahead of the curve here.

Either way, the simple tweet has Lakers fans sitting on the edge of their seats, awaiting confirmation of this potentially franchise altering move.

And considering the roller coaster that they were subjected to throughout the Chris Paul debacle, many fans now find themselves exhausted by rumors and hanging on by a thread of hope.

This supposedly imminent trade must be particularly trying for Lakers nation, as there is not even another team named in the deal.

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